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Top Benefits of Return to Work Programs

Return to work programs help employees that have been away due to injuries fit back into the company in an employment capacity provided they are medically cleared to resume work. Having a return to work program that will ensure easy reintegration of your employees after being away with injuries is usually easier and simpler compared to losing the most valued members of your staff. Implementing a return to work program for your employees’ shows you are concerned and care about their wellbeing. Below are ways through which you and your employees can benefit from having a return to work program.

Implementing a return to work program enables your employees to retain full earning capacity; when an employee returns to work after being medically cleared he or she can earn more money. Implementing return to work programs is beneficial to your employees because it relieves stress and uncertainty; instead of worrying about finding another job or if his or her position has been filled, your employee can focus on recovery knowing there is a place to go back to.

It is very easy for employees who are used to doing everything for themselves to feel worthless when they can longer do most of those things because of injuries, but when they know they can return to work the moment they feel better, it gives them something to look forward to, thus creating a sense of normalcy. If you are looking for a way to boost the morale of your workers, implementing a return to work program is an efficient way of doing it; you are assuring them of their jobs even if they suffer injuries. Having a return to work program means your employees will be coming back to link up with their colleagues after making a full recovery, thus regaining their social connections.

Some workers are usually discouraged from resuming work after staying at home for prolonged period and can leave the firm which means you lose your most valued employees, something that a return to work program can prevent. By getting injured employees back quickly through return to work programs, you avoid the cost of hiring and training temporary workers or permanent replacements.

When you have injured employees sitting at home, they are not contributing anything to the firm, but if you bring them back through the return to work program they can contribute to the productivity of your firm. When you have injured employees returning to work in a part-time capacity, they are collecting fewer disability benefits that if they were at home, saving your company more money in the process. These are the top benefits of return to work programs.

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